Green Alien Cannabis trusts Cannabis Cured as our cultivation partner! Cannabis Cured is located in Thomaston, ME and produces potent, top quality cannabis flower!

We Aim to Provide Only the Best Quality Cannabis

Cannabis Cured in Thomaston, ME strives on cultivating only the finest cannabis flower for our consumers. We are constantly working to perfect our process in order to produce pure, top shelf cannabis. That’s our promise to you!

Recreational Cannabis

Stay Baked With Mainely Baked!

Mainely Baked is a commercial grade kitchen offering a wide variety of edible cannabis products. Offering products like baked goods, chocolate bars, soft and hard candies, gummies and various drink mixes.

Buy Wholesale With Us!

Green Alien Cannabis carries some of the finest cannabis by our cultivation partner Cannabis Cured in Thomaston, ME. We carry 20 recreational strains. We also carry a large edible selection by Mainely Baked. Buy wholesale to ensure your consumers have their products when they need them.

Explore Our Space!

Be on the lookout for Green Alien Cannabis Recreational Storefronts! Green Alien Cannabis in Bangor, ME welcomes any Maine or out of state resident onto our planet! If you have questions please call or send us a message today.

For Adults Only!

Green Alien Cannabis is happy to announce we have recreational cannabis storefronts coming soon to a city near you! We know many individuals like ourselves not only use cannabis for its medicinal benefits but also enjoy it in a social aspect, or generally prefer it to alcohol. Our partners Mainely Baked and Cannabis Cured are keeping our storefronts filled with top shelf cannabis, cannabis products, baked goods and other edibles. Our shelves will be stocked. We are looking forward to meeting all of you!

Grow More With Cannabis Cured

Cannabis Cured is dedicated to cultivating only the highest quality cannabis in the area. Their highly knowledgeable team works hard to process their cannabis flower into effect-specific cannabis for our consumers. Having consistent knowledge on the cannabis plant and the grow process is crucial to producing healthy, safe and effective product. Sativa and Indica are two different types of cannabis plants that render different effects. A sativa is noted to be more uplifting and energetic, where an indica tends to be more relaxing and sedative. Mixing various strains of these plants will produce different medicinal effects.


Green Alien Cannabis in welcomes both Maine residents and customers from out-of-state. All guests who enter our orbit here must have a valid medical marijuana card and carry a photo I.D.