What is Kief

What is Kief

Chances are if you have spent time in the cannabis world you have heard of kief (pronounced keef). If you have somehow managed to miss the word…or the leftovers in your grinder…then allow Green Alien Cannabis to deliver the goods and tell you all about Kief. 


If you are looking for an enjoyable and beneficial addition to your medicinal cannabis dosing then look no farther, kief is what you have been missing and the answer to your needs. Kief is useful for both beginner’s and more experienced consumers. Kief is a golden addition to your marijuana medicine regimen regardless of your level of experience. Kief is easy to collect, and easy to use. We also carry kief here at Green Alien Cannabis to take the hassle out of collection entirely. Our kief is sold by the gram in puck form. Kief resembles shimmery crystals in a blonde bombshell color with a powerfully pleasing smell.


KIef is the delightful powdery substance that falls off of marijuana. It is the THC filled crystals, or resin trichomes, you can often see up close on a premium bud of cannabis and is thought to be the most potent component of the marijuana flower. The resin glands of the marijuana bud contain the terpenes and cannabinoids that are unique to each flower strain. All cannabis contains beneficial cannabinoids, however, isolated kief from the flower buds on the cannabis plant have the most potent concentration of THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids and make a powerfully potent addition to your usual dose of medicinal marijuana or it can be consumed on its own. Adding kief to your smokeable flower increases the power and potency, which means less product used per dosing. Delicious and a cash saver!


Curious what kief consumption might bring to your medicinal cannabis routine? The definition of the word gives a pretty good idea — Kief is a word with Arabic origins that translates to “pleasure or intoxication”. Kief provides a perfect way to boost your cannabinoid consumption compared with the cannabinoids received from just flower consumption, boosting all the medicinal benefits at the same time and provides pleasurable psychoactive effects. In short, kief is like a cannabis concentrate except a naturally formed version — thanks mother nature! Kief provides powerful cannabinoid potency sure to please an experienced consumer, but is less aggressive than many processed extracts, making it enjoyable and appropriate for beginner’s use as well. 


Kief is activated when exposed to heat, has a terpene-rich smell and taste and can be heated and enjoyed in multiple ways. Kief can be enjoyed alone by smoking it, but you should use caution as the powder consistency of it makes it easy to accidentally inhale through a glass piece. Kief can be added to food and drinks as an edible option, but again use caution and go slow as edibles provide a different medicinal and psychoactive experience. A favorite way many of our customers at Green Alien Cannabis enjoy their kief is by adding it to their medicinal marijuana flower before smoking or vaping. This can be achieved by sprinkling it onto ground up flower in a smoking or vaping device, or before you roll a joint or blunt. 


Kief is truly a favorite for our resident cannasseurs and our newer customers. As always, the staff at Green Alien Cannabis is happy to help guide you through which products might be best for you and if kief might be a good addition to your cannabis medicine regimen. There is additional information available about kief that we can happily connect you to as well. Stop by and see us to learn more.