Blue Dream<br>Strain Exploration with Green Alien Cannabis

Blue Dream
Strain Exploration with Green Alien Cannabis

The Blue Dream medicinal marijuana strain is a fan favorite at Green Alien Cannabis with good reason. Blue dream is a hybrid cannabis strain with sativa leanings and a high THC content. Blue Dream is created from crossing Blueberry — a indica strain, and Haze — a sativa strain. Consumers often credit its balanced calming, yet stimulating buzz as a perfect answer for a daytime medicinal strain with some beneficial stress relief. 


Hybrid marijuana strains are cultivated strains created from breeding the two main varieties of marijuana plants — indica and sativa —into a new cannabis strain with unique effects and benefits. Cannabis hybrid strains tend to be either sativa dominant or indica dominant, but there are some hybrid strains that are pretty equal in their sativa and indica mix. Sativa dominant marijuana strains take on more of the characteristics of sativa varieties — like an uplifting and energizing, creativity-inducing head buzz. Indica dominant marijuana strains take on more of the characteristics of indica varieties — like a relaxing, calming, sleep-inducing body buzz. As the focus of cultivators has shifted to being more about the effects and benefits of strains, and less about which variety strains are, hybrids are becoming more popular and useful, especially in the medicinal cannabis market. Hybrids provide answers to a wider range of needs and ailments all wrapped up into one strain. 


As mentioned, Blueberry dream is a hybrid marijuana strain crossbred from indica strain Blueberry, and sativa strain Haze. Blueberry is a well-known indica cannabis strain with a euphoria-inducing high THC content. It’s terpenes lend a sweet and fruity blueberry flavor, and add to its heavily relaxing body effects. The Blueberry cannabis strain is often used medicinally to support struggles with pain, or effects of stress on the body and mind. Haze is a popular sativa marijuana strain for cross breeding with an average THC content. Haze provides spicy smells with a citrus taste. Haze is a high-energy strain that gives a happy and creative boost to your day. Cross breeding these two marijuana strains allows consumers to take the best of both worlds and combine them into a popular medicinal hybrid, known as Blue Dream. 


The Blueberry Dream marijuana strain provides a fairly balanced blend of sativa and indica effects, but leans a little heavier on the cannabis sativa side, allowing it to work well as a daytime cannabis strain. Many find the high THC content of Blueberry Dream to be medicinally supportive for their pain, depression, and nausea issues. Blueberry dream is popular among Green Alien Cannabis’s patients because it provides the relaxing body effects and brain calming of an indica, but the mind buzz and happiness boost of a sativa — offering the best of both varieties mixed into one. Myrcene and Pinene are the two most highly occurring terpenes in Blue Dream. Myrcene helps lend the euphoric and happy effects of Blue Dream and adds to its sweet aroma and taste. Pinene helps with calming and relaxation, and brings about the more spicy and earthy aroma and taste.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is just one of many useful, beneficial, and popular medicinal marijuana strains at Green Alien Cannabis. If you think Blue Dream sounds like the strain for you, contact us to give it a try. Our on-site caregivers can work with you to determine your best dosing and consumption methods. Our caregivers also can work with you to explore all of our strains to find the best options for you, afterall variety is the spice of life and having a variety of strains at your disposal can allow for a variety of beneficial effects depending on the needs of a particular day. We are happy to work with you so you can have the unique and personalized medicinal cannabis experience that is best for you.