Purple Punch <br>Strain Exploration With Green Alien Cannabis

Purple Punch
Strain Exploration With Green Alien Cannabis


If you’re looking for a great-tasting and relaxing strain, then look no further than Purple Punch. Getting all of the benefits from its parent strains, this is a love child made from two heavy Indica dominant parents. Engineered towards giving you a relaxed and calming feeling, Purple Punch certainly is not something that should be passed by. Everyone is different so it’s best to try for yourself, but below are a few of the fantastic qualities Purple Punch has been known to have.



When you first lay eyes on this Indica dominant strain, the heavily frosted trichomes twinkle like stars in the sky. Teaming with vibrant purple splashes throughout, the flower boasts orange hairs that match perfectly to create a pleasing visual. It’s green buds blend the colors making it look no less impressive than a Bob Ross painting. Purple punch, however, was not a happy accident. It’s made from its parent genetics of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. These are heavy Indica dominant strains making Purple Punch and a great combination of the two. 



Purple Punch is not just a random clever name for this powerhouse strain. When you crack into one of these beautiful buds, the smells of grape-flavored goodies fill your senses with a punch. Some have also taken in the mouth-watering aroma of blueberry muffins which add a delicate touch of flavor to this Indica dominant strain. With a lovely earthy scent, this Purple Punch is better after a long day. Great for when it’s time to kick up your feet and relax. 



Purple Punch starts with a nice head buzz that slowly moves into the body. Having a strong relaxing feeling boosting the euphoric effects, leaving some patients happy and calm. Although as an Indica dominant strain Purple Punch may be good for naptime or close to bedtime due to its sleepiness and deep body relaxation. While giving a slight uplifting sensation, it may be best for that after dinner dose. Some people have also found that it helps with mild aches and pains. 

We all deal with stress and some more than others. Purple Punch is great for when you want to wash the day’s cares away. If you are seeking a more relaxed and calming feeling this may be an excellent strain to try. Rolling a good joint or packing a bowl with this tasty strain is the perfect end to the day. Some patients have found it helps with mild anxiety as well. Purple Punch is a great before bed treat. 

It’s been reported that a few people may experience some dry mouth, but otherwise, this strain is clean with little unwanted side effects from a heavy Indica. Some may experience this, and some may not. It is best to try for yourself to make sure that you know firsthand how it makes you feel.



Each person shares a different experience when using medical cannabis. Purple Punch is a heavy Indica dominant strain which many patients have found best used during the evening hours or at night. That’s not to say it cannot be enjoyed during other times of the day, but it is essential to try different strains and methods to customize your medical benefits from cannabis. With the incredible smell, flavor, and relaxing effects, Purple Punch is a great Indica to try to achieve a relaxed and calming feeling. This strain is a favorite at Green Alien Cannabis. When stopping into Green Alien Cannabis to purchase your medication, make sure to ask your favorite caregiver if this could be the right strain.

We are always here and happy to help you explore all our wonderful strains that might be best for your needs. Maine medical marijuana is a beautiful world, and we are so happy to be your source for all the best strain options! We look forward to helping you!