Tangieland<br>Strain Exploration With Green Alien Cannabis

Strain Exploration With Green Alien Cannabis


Tangieland is a Sativa dominant hybrid, meaning it has more traits of a Sativa strain but still some from its Indica parent plants. Patients that use Tangieland as a strain may find it has energizing head effects. Typically Sativa strains give a more energetic feeling with use and less of the couch lock some may experience with a heavier Indica strain. When looking for a strain to get a little extra boost of energy, this is a well-balanced Sativa dominant hybrid that may give a mild body buzz for some patients. 

Some patients prefer to enjoy a Sativa dominant hybrid due to the benefits of possibly helping some with depression and creativity. Tangieland’s unique flavor may also give medical marijuana patients a pleasant experience when smoking. With a citrusy and sweet flavor, Tangieland certainly creates what some feel is a good balance of earthy and fruity flavors. On top of many finding it helpful with some depression symptoms, Tangieland also may give a mild pain-relieving effect. However, it is not meant to treat these and should be considered when looking for the strain that fits your medical needs. 



Tangieland is a Sativa dominant hybrid whose parent plants include Tangie and Candyland. This gives the flowers a beautiful dense combination of orange hairs that cover throughout. Before harvest Tangieland flowers have a remarkably frosted covering. It may be a moderately tricky strain to grow, but the rewards for caring for your Tangieland strain are great. Some growers may find a yield of up to 3 to 6 ounces depending on your specific growing facility. Because Tangieland was developed from highly beneficial parent strains, it now has its own unique and helpful benefits. 



Typically Sativa dominant hybrid strains give a more energizing feeling upon consumption. Although each individual will experience these benefits differently, it has been found that using Tangieland for sleep or chronic pain may not be where it can best provide support. Because of the energizing head effects and the boost of energy Tangieland can provide to certain patients, you may find it to be a great daytime strain. Some patients may experience a decrease in depression symptoms and an increased focus throughout the day. 

The unique thing about medical marijuana is its ability to provide a wide range of beneficial medical benefits. Tangieland gives some patients a boost of focus and creativity, while still giving you a mild body buzz. With Terpenes such as Limonene and Myrcene, Caryophyllene Tangieland has an amazingly unique flavor; patients may find pleasure when smoking or consuming in other ways. 



Tangieland is a wonderfully flavorful and uplifting strain developed to give patients a well balanced and medically beneficial strain. From its unique bouquet of taste and smell to it’s uplifting and energizing effects, Tangieland is genuinely a unique Sativa dominant hybrid. It is essential to discuss your symptoms with your Green Alien Cannabis caregiver when customizing a strain that will fit your needs. However, if you are feeling a bit under the weather mood-wise and could use a boost of creative and focused energy, Tangieland may just be the perfect strain for you. With a tasty citrus flavor, some patients have found it gives a pleasant smoking experience because of the Terpenes’ found in its genetics. 

When looking for a well-balanced medical marijuana strain, Tangieland has been helpful for many patients and may be useful for you as well. Taste combined with uplifting effects gives Tangieland its uniqueness. From an energetic head high to a mild body buzz, Tangieland may provide patients with an excellent boost for your mood and provide mild pain relief. As a Sativa dominant hybrid, Tangieland is well rounded and may be found to be a great daytime strain. It’s best to give this strain a try to see if its benefits can be right for you and your medical needs. Variety is the spice of life so go out and enjoy your medicine. Tangieland may just be what you were looking for in a Sativa dominant hybrid. Stop into Green Alien Cannabis to discuss this strain with your favorite caregiver today!