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Stay Local with Mainely Baked!

Green Alien Cannabis strongly recommends Mainely Baked as a trusted, top quality source for edibles and tinctures. Mainely Baked offers a variety of tasty products like hard and chewy candies, chocolate bars, lollipops and baked goods. Their soft and chewy cannabis gummies are a popular favorite among their consumers. Edibles are a great way to enjoy a sweet treat while reaping the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. Edibles are kept at a proper dosage for all their clients and consumers. Mainely Baked takes pride in their products and always has their customers best interests in mind.

More than just Mainely Baked

The commercial-grade Mainely Baked kitchen also offers the ability to process and infuse our customers home grown cannabis into their products. Mainely Baked provides clients the opportunity to grow their name or business while turning their cannabis into trusted, delicious products. Mainely Baked takes pride in their products and services that are offered to clients and consumers.

Our Processing Partner

Full Spectrum Solutions At Green Alien Cannabis we trust only the best for premium medicinal and adult use marijuana products. Full Spectrum Solutions is located in Fairfield, ME and our go-to processing partner for all of our concentrates, distillates and other cannabis products. Full Spectrum Solutions takes pride in the safety of their process and the integrity of their business. Learn more about Full Spectrum Solutions today!

Premium Cannabis edibles

Mainely Baked produces cannabis edibles and tinctures. Providing our customers with high quality edibles from our commercial-grade kitchen, we offer hard candies, chocolates, and lollipops, as well as baked goods. Our cannabis infused gummies are a customer favorite. At our kitchen, we process cannabis from caregiver customers, and infuse the oil into products. We offer white label service to provide our caregivers their own branding opportunities.


Green Alien Cannabis in welcomes both Maine residents and customers from out-of-state. All guests who enter our orbit here must have a valid medical marijuana card and carry a photo I.D.