Maine Cannabis Recreational Use (Adults Use Only!)

Green Alien Cannabis offers high quality Maine cannabis strains from Cannabis Cured located in Fairfield, ME.

Green Alien Cannabis Recreational Storefronts Coming Soon!

Portland, Maine

We are working hard to bring our high quality products to Southern Maine. Soon to be located on 486 Congress Street in Portland, Maine!

Bangor, Maine

Stay tuned for more details!

Thomaston Maine

Stay tuned for more details!

Mainely Baked

The fully licensed commercial grade kitchen, Mainely Baked, offers a variety of edibles from chocolate, chocolate bars, gummies, lollipops and delicious drink mixes. Taking pride in supplying high quality, clean products.


Buying wholesale with Green Alien Cannabis has numerous positive benefits. We carry 20 strains from Cannabis Cured locally in Thomaston and a wide variety of edibles from the Mainely Baked company. Consider joining us today!

Signal Us!

Green Alien Cannabis welcomes all walks of life! Please stop in or give us a call. We're always happy to help. Look for new recreational storefronts in your area. We're excited to meet our new customers!

Wholesale with Green Alien Cannabis!

Is your recreational storefront looking for a wholesaler? Green Alien Cannabis products are fully licensed for recreational sale to other storefronts. Offer your Maine cannabis adult use consumers convenience and variety of baked goods, drink mixes, gummies and premium flower.  We carry 20 cannabis strains from Cannabis Cured in Thomaston, ME and some of the finest edibles in the state by Mainely Baked. If your adult-use storefront is looking for a more professional, well suited edible connection – look no further.

Our Affiliates:

Cannabis Cured

Cannabis Cured is a top quality cannabis cultivator specializing is growing some of the finest medicinal cannabis in coastal Maine! Located in Thomaston, Cannabis Cured is focused on perfecting our grow process and ensuring our products meet our consumers standards.

Mainely Baked

Mainely Baked is our choice for a top quality, food-grade kitchen. They feature a wide variety of options including lollipops, soft and chewy candies, chocolate bars and baked goods. The Green Alien Cannabis fan favorite are their THC gummies in a variety of flavors! Mainely Baked takes pride in the quality of their products. Look for Mainely baked products in any of our caregiver or adult-use storefronts and see why we trust them as our number one source for edibles!

Full Spectrum Solutions Logo Fairfield ME

Full Spectrum Solutions

Located in Fairfield Maine, Full Spectrum Solutions is our trusted source for any of our cannabis processing needs. Full Spectrum Solutions produces what we would call some of the finest concentrates, distillates and other cannabis products in the state.

Focused on quality cannabis products

The popularity of marijuana in Maine is escalating and Maine cannabis is becoming one of the top sources of revenue in the state. Many individuals prefer cannabis flower and products as a an alternative to alcohol in their general life and even during social events. Adult use cannabis sales in Maine began in October of 2020. At Green Alien Cannabis we are working hard to bring you the best quality flower and cannabis products. Be sure to look for one of our storefronts in your area. We are proud to carry 20 cannabis strains from Cannabis Cured Fairfield, ME. Our products are out of this world!


Green Alien Cannabis in welcomes both Maine residents and customers from out-of-state. All guests who enter our orbit here must have a valid medical marijuana card and carry a photo I.D.